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Well ...lately I have been reading alot about kids reading to Dogs . True ! As I have always known ,dogs can hold childrens attention very well and well ...Schools now all over the Country are finding out that is more than just a fact .
it seems that kids that had low reading scores and were shy about reading in front of the other kids are  totally NOT shy about reading to dogs .
Dogs have been brought in to classes for kids to 'read to ' and it is working even better than teachers and adminastrators had thought it would .
Kids reading scores and skills have improved vastly and they are not shy or afraid at all to read to the dogs and of course the dogs don't mind it at all either ,They are in their element .
So or yahoo Reading to Dogs in School and read all about it .
Then if you are a teacher and would like to get your class involved in something like this and is approved by the admin's
then contact me  about getting you a puppy to train for that purpose .We will work with any school and teacher that would like to get this program in their school .
Coming soon is a photo of me reading to my dogs .not only do they enjoy it but then so so I .It does work ! And remember I put it HERE First !!!!


In the Month Of May I will be attending a school  here in Alabama to write Sam's newest Book ,
At the same time I will be talking to the kids about how to publish their own Books online .
This is a great Honor for me talk to be able to talk to and share this knowlege with students and to encourage them to write and publish their own books for all to read .
So , as Sam and I take another learning experience to a class and writing his new book to be put online ,the reading class will starting next Semester in the Fall start their new program and will be writing their own books for everyones enjoyment !
In the next few days we will be adding here the name of the school and asking for any and all donations to purchase the software and storage sites they will need to get it started . I and the Teacher will be working together over the summer to get all ready for the class to begin in the Fall .
All donations will be sent to the teacher through the school so the address will be here for you all .
I will also be donating the camera equipment they will need to make their stories come to life .
Please check back with us and please donate as this is a good program for the Middle school and will only increase the desire for each child to want to learn to read ,write and experience all the things they should   ...keep watching ,more info coming soon !

Address and more info coming in a few days !

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