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We have one female left ,6 weeks old ,can leave in 6 weeks approx .
updated 7/29/09



Poos 4 U has 1 male pictured above available .Can leave NOW ...updated 07/29/09
Also look at Club news below .
We must add
Poos4u and the Maltipoo Club are two seperate things .
My personal Maltipoos are bred here and leave from here .
I ,also though am head of the Maltipoo CLub and I take rescue Maltipoos in and place them .
Those are the ones listed under Club news .
If and if ever Poos4u gets a maltipoo of their own back ,we do not list that one with the club ,we would always seperate the two .
We hope this clarifies this issue .

Female rehome maltipoo

A great place to communicate is at facebook.
You can find our talk board there I Love Maltipoos or you can add me as a friend  talk to us !

.........We do NOT  have Christmas Puppies ...
Puppies  bought after the 1st of the year will be 1200.00 plus delivery .All puppies will be neutered/spayed if old enough before they leave .
We do not have Christmas Puppies .
Please visit your local pound or shelter  and adopt a dog ,cat ,bird or other animal if you just HAVE to have a pet for Christmas .
We have one female maltipoo that needs to be rehomed ,photo is above
Please use the prelim rescue contract at if you are interested
We also have 4 rescue males here to place ,at this time we are in the evaluation process and are taking prelim contracts on those also at this time .
1....about 2 years old
2...1 year old
3....about 1 to 2 ? years old
4....about 1 year old
these maltipoos are club maltipoos and not owned by poos4u
call ...256-728-3323 ,please put rescue in subject line ..
Please be checking also with all your local pounds and shelters as with the economy as it is and it being after the Holidays (many buy because of 'cute or children want and then find they know nothing about having a dog or do not have the time )  and many will go to rescues because of it . So ,the next few months are busy and heartbreaking for animals .Remember a rescue dog ,cat ,bird  needs you ....


NEW !!! ....Maltipoo parent site coming soon .
Should be done in next couple weeks ...
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Join us to talk about pets or /and if you are interested in the other side .

Here you will find our Maltipoo male pages . A new page for each puppy and new owner will be set up here .Watch your puppy grow are updated each week .

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The maltipoo male is very loving and gentle with small children .Not as demanding as the female .
a true all round family pet .

Our maltepoo puppies are loving and well cared for ,raised in our home . Vetted and all shots up to date including rabbies and microchipped .

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.
we are a site .
We are not associated with the .com that took the poos4u name after us Look below for our links to our beautiful puppies .We have no available puppies ,we do have a couple older ones . Call or email us



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