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Male Maltipoo Puppies

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The Male Maltipoo
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The Male Maltipoo


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Male Maltipoo ...hey ...look at me ! Ain't I just it ? !!!
Oh what a joy !  The male Maltipoo full of pranks and fun . And of self !
I have had many many customers to say " I can't stop him ,he is just so darn cute '
So sure they have the upper hand ,they use that to control you .They usually get what they want ,cause they are so darn cute !  hehe !
In general a male Maltipoo has no place they love more than anyone and I mean anyone in the house at that particular time 's  lap  !
Stranger to no one ,unless taught different , the male is a spring forward ,love life and people no matter age or sex .
They have no particular thoughts but to get all the attention they can from anyone they can get it from .
In the Wild males roamed ,they were head of a pack , females did the work ,males were it !
That is still true today .Instinct cannot be completely bred out of dogs ,just like it cannot be completely bred out of humans .
Human Male ... Self , nice comphy chair ,remote and a beer is good and even better if a good game is on ..
Honey ...bring me a glass of tea (only since they know well women are not to be bossed most will ,at the end of that sentence ,  add ) Please ...dear !  hehe !
Male Maltipoo ...Nice chair a bone and a lap and I am so comphy and do ya mind getting me a cool drink of water there ...(adding so nicely ) ...please ...
They have a way of looking at you that can make you feel as if you have commited the crime they just did . After a few minutes ,you may actually believe it too !
Smart as they can be ,easy to train if YOU take the time ,a male is just right for all .
From Romping with the kids in the yard to lazing about on the sofa ,the Male maltipoo will turn his head ,give you another  'look'  and melt your heart !
You will adore a female maltipoo and love her with all you have , but a male ...a male maltipoo you will fall head over heals madly  IN love with ..
No bones about it ..
A male is the perfect family pet for kids of all ages and mom and dad too ..
Cuddly , loyal and full of life
All male ,All Maltipoo ..check me out !




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