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Male Maltipoo Puppies

About US ,Please read first
The Male Maltipoo
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About US ,Please read first

Lies ,Slander and alot of other issues .....
There is a website (called Ripoff Report ) that enlists people to find anyone they can that they can slander ,the reasons  are simple ....
1........the higher the person is ranked ,if they use the websites or that person's keywords such as Poos4u ,their name or other information on thier sites ,in their 'headlines "
The Google and other search engines pick that up and quickly their site has another link ....
Often they will send you a letter  via email saying they are students doing a report or they are this or that and want to use your site as an example when you write back giving  permission ...they automactically can use you ,your site ,your name which under most hosts regulations is illigal unless you have given is a scam ...the more they use names ,sites that are ranked ,the higher they are ranked ...
Answers to their little game is this ....
I am not a broker ,I do not sell other peoples puppies ,only my own ...I mostly do maltipoos ,every now and then I might have a litter of Morkies ...In the past I have done a couple litters of other types pupies ,research only reason ,just to see and note differences in the Maltipoo and other poo crosses ...only a couple litters .......
It is funny to me now to read the site they have cause they actually listed pages in my site as different websites ,even though I do own several sites ,to list different pages in a site as sites is kinda immature and means they think a person cannot read or understand what a site page is .
They list some of my sites ,then associate anyone that has copied them as a network of breeders ...welllllll......
I am not a network of breeders ,only one breeder ...ME ...
Most people  only  read the headlines and then they think "oh my God ...glad I know that !
However ,please read the whole ,scan down the page and read is a scam and I can prove it ...
Now, there are some legit complaints on that site for some businesses ,that always happens with a site like that ,it is how they get legitimized .
however ,it is now as always best that you go to the BBB and get your information about businesses and not on a website where rules of 'prove it ' do not apply .
With the BBB  you can find any business that will list with them and they as they have always tried to be ,keep records of proof if someone has a legit complaint and the company or person as in my case did not fix it to the customers satisfaction ..
You will find I have an exellent record with the BBB in Alabama .
The reason ,I have never had a complaint .
Websites like the RR  one thrive on 'headlines and inuendo , jealousy and plain out lies ... It is how they get ranked and they are simply put ...
The star ,the Enquirer of the net ..
Stars gets the headlines and people LOVE to read them ,the problem is most people only read headlines  so ...what is the truth ?
So check with the BBB first on anyone on those type sites ,you will then find the truth ( it is easy to do ,go to   click on business ,type in Poos4u ...Alabama for the state ,all info will come up ..and then contact the person named   ...but I will tell you now ...I have never had a Sara In Las Vegas as a customer .
Another issue ....
the .com that is associated with our name is NOT associated with us ...
That is a copycat breeder that when I missed picking up a .com ,quickly grabbed it ...wrote me to want to use my name ...I said no ...they did it anyway ...I still have the emails and so does my attorney ,for a few months I thought about suing ,but you people aren't worth the time it would take .
People like that cannot make it on their own ,so they steal other peoples names and reputations ,cause they don't have one !
Don't make a mistake and take them for us is not us and they need to change their name is a legal issue I can win ...I have contracts dated years and years ago with my name ,....people in FL ...they don't ..
I am a very strict breeder ,I have never had parvo ,I have never reimbursed anyone for a dead puppy .
Never had one that I know of to die except for being run over ,from that dog food and treat poison (both the Diamond food and then the mess from China ) in the last few years and one drowned . One choked to death on a bone cannot tell people that will not listen that bones for small dogs are lethal ...
So ,if ya read what is painted about me ,don;t believe it ..
Cause that is all it is ...Paint ...
Call my vet
Williams Animal Clinic ...256-574-6214
They will tell you the truth ..NO PARVO ,NO ALL OVER ALABAMA BREEDERS ,NO BROKER ...
I am a breeder and I do rescue ...simple and all there is to it .

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